How to buy Ethereum?

If you are not familiar with Bitcoin please click here. Once you have Bitcoin, it is very easy to buy Ethereum. But you need to be very careful with each step otherwise you will loose your money. There are quite a few steps involved in buying Ethereum. They are:

  1. Buying Bitcoin
  2. Creating Ethereum wallet
  3. Exchanging Bitcoin for ethereum using changelly.

1) I am assuming here that you already have possession of Bitcoin. Otherwise click here

2)  There are many wallets out there buy my personal favorite it Exodus desktop wallet. You can install exodus from here. Its available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Instalation is quite straightforward and simple. Once you install it, you will get procession of ethereum wallet and ethereum wallet address. You can watch the video below to get a better idea of exodus wallet.

3) Now you are ready to exchange some Bitcoin for Ethereum. You can use an exchange called Changelly for converting Bitcoin to ethereum. Log into the website and sign up using your email account.

As shown in the image, on the left side you much choose how much Bitcoin(BTC) you want to exchange. On the right side it will show how much ethereum (ETH) you will get. If BTC is not listed you can can use drop down menu and select it. If ETH is not selected you may use drop down menu to select it. The  press next.

You will be asked to enter your ethereum address. Enter it carefully. Next you will be asked to deposit the Bitcoin you want to exchange to a specified Bitcoin address. Do it carefully. Then you need to wait for transaction to get completed. It might take up to 30 minutes. Then check your exodus wallet and go to ethereum wallet to see the Ethereum coins you just got.

You may check the below videos to see how changelly works. It talks about converting fantom coin to ethereum.

Disclaimer: Please be careful and vigilant in each step otherwise you will loose money. The author or this website is not responsible for such an event.

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